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SteamDB updates hint at Returnal for PC

Returnal was a huge hit on PS5 at launch and now a year later, it looks like the game will be heading to PC. A SteamDB page for the game was discovered back in May, and recent updates indicate an imminent announcement. 

While Sony has not yet announced Returnal for PC, the company is working on it. Recent updates on the back-end of SteamDB make references to in-game modes and content. confirming that the codenamed page is a placeholder ahead of Returnal's announcement for PC.

VGC's sources have also shown footage of the game running on PC, and previously, the game's PC settings screen has leaked online. Returnal was also one of the games mentioned in the GeForce Now leak, which has largely been accurate so far.

Earlier this year, Sony revealed plans to bring half of its games to PC by 2025. This year, we've had PC announcements for The Last of Us Part 1, as well as Spider-Man Remastered & Miles Morales. We are also awaiting Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC, and it is expected that Ghost of Tsushima will eventually be announced for PC as well.

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KitGuru Says: I've been wanting to play Returnal since launch but I've been holding off for a sale. Will you be looking to pick this up if it heads over to PC? 

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