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Returnal Game Director departs from Housemarque

Returnal represents one of the most unique and interesting new IPs to come out of PlayStation Studios since the launch of the PS5, with the 3rd-person shooter rogue-like blending excellent gameplay with a mysterious world and narrative alongside an award-winning soundtrack. In bittersweet news, the Game Director for Returnal has …

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Returnal has weak PC launch

Returnal officially made its way to PC last week just over 18 months on from its debut on PS5. As the first PS5 exclusive to make its way over to PC, we were expecting a little more noise around its release, but there has been very little movement on the …

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Returnal for PC officially announced

Returnal became a surprise hit when the 3rd-person shooter roguelike released exclusively for PlayStation 5 last year. Since its console debut, rumours and leaks sprung up suggesting that the game would be coming to PC. Finally, at The 2022 Game Awards, Returnal has officially been announced to be coming to …

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New job listing teases Housemarque’s “next big game”

Finnish studio Housemarque saw its latest and greatest success with the release of the roguelite third-person bullet-hell Returnal back in 2021. A new job listing by the studio has offered some interesting details on the team’s “next big game.” Following the success of Returnal, Sony-owned studio Housemarque has already teased …

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