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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin launches with major PC issues

Square Enix ran into some controversy last year, not just due to the sky-high price of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC, but also due to the PC version’s quality. The game launched with numerous issues and performance problems. Now, the publisher’s latest PC Final Fantasy release, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, is also facing issues. 

The PC version of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin released this week exclusively on the Epic Games Store, several days after the console versions went live. Now, players are reporting performance issues with a range of GPUs. This includes sudden frame rate dips, slowdown and stuttering.

One user with a GTX 1080 Ti noted that the game capped out at 99% GPU usage while running the game on low settings at 1080p. The game could reach 60 FPS and frame dips and slowdown would occur during combat. Another user with an RTX 3080 reported similar problems, with frame rates dropping into the low 40s.

Beyond that, the visual issues like pop-in and aliasing have been reported. Given that these issues span from high-end PCs to more modest systems, it would appear that the game itself needs more optimisation work done for PC.

Square Enix and Team Ninja have yet to respond to reports of issues with the PC version. However, we would expect to hear more once the first patch is announced.

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KitGuru Says: It sounds like if you were planning to get this, you might want to wait a while for patches. Hopefully the developers can confirm plans for fixes soon. 

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