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Study finds long-term playing of violent video games does not make you more aggressive

As silly as it might seem, violence in video games and its effect on players has been the subject of much debate over the years but this week, the psychologists over at Frontiers published a study to try and come to a conclusion once and for all. This team used games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike to measure the long term effects that playing a violent video game might have… only to find that there weren’t really any.

The researchers based in Germany used functional magnetic resonance imaging on players who had been subjected to at least several hours of violent games like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike for more than four years. This is important as it allows the measurement of long-term effects, whereas the majority of studies into the effects of violent video games have only explored short-term effects.

The participants in this study were all male and on average, played for around four hours a day over the course of several years. The effects playing these games had on their emotional and neural responses to depictions of real-world violence were then compared to a separate group of non-gamers, finding that there was zero difference between those who hadn’t played a game in their life and those that played regularly.

A Psychological questionnaire was given to both sets of gamers and non-gamers, revealing no differences in measures of aggression and empathy between the two groups. It is also important to note that none of those taking part in the study had any psychological disorders beforehand,

KitGuru Says: While this study might not completely end the debate surrounding violence in video games, it is nice to have some results to throw out there the next time someone claims Grand Theft Auto is turning people into criminals. 

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  • Lelisevis

    Yes it does, how dare they say that, I’ll fight them all, just you wait I’ll kill the lot of them…..Once I finish this run through of Doom.

  • Rocky40

    Yes it does actually I know after long bouts of any war first person shooters or anything that has violence in it I feel more aggressive after playing those games for long periods of time not go out and wreak havoc aggressive mind you…lol So I call BS on the study it is natural to feel all hyped up after playing any type of game that is perfectly natural and anyone that says they don’t are just kidding themselves.

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  • Menshai

    I think you have at the least misunderstood, possibly not even read, this study.

    While the short term increase in aggression (“feel all hyped up”) has been documented, this study is looking at the LONG TERM effects. Do violent video games fundamentally alter someones behavior in the long term? The findings suggest it does not – not that any tabloid newspaper will take note however.

  • Simon Walker

    I SHALL DESTROY THE WORLD!!!… Right after I finish this play through