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KitGuru poll shows 49.3 percent of readers polled prefer gaming at 100Hz and above

Over the last year or so, we have seen a huge rise in the adoption of high refresh rate monitors, with many PC gamers now choosing to break beyond the 60Hz barrier. With that in mind, we started to wonder, what frame rates do KitGuru readers consider to be ideal when gaming? Yesterday afternoon we ran a poll looking for your feedback and the results were actually fairly divisive.

As you can see, out of those we managed to poll, 48.9 percent are content with remaining at 60 frames per second, meanwhile 20.8 percent of you really prefer gaming at at least 100Hz. Once we add up the results though, things start to look a bit divisive, with 49.3 percent of those polled preferring to game at various refresh rates from 100 frames per second and up.

Meanwhile, 50.7 percent are content with 60Hz and below, with some settling for 40 frames per second and below. However, if the current market trends continue going the way they are, it looks like 144Hz monitors are set to double in 2017. 

KitGuru Says: I used to primarily be a 60Hz gamer but I must admit, I don’t think I could go back after being at 144Hz for around 18 months, especially when it comes to competitive shooters. What do you guys think of the results of our poll? Are you in the 60Hz camp or have you made the jump to higher refresh rates? 

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