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SUPERHOT ‘Mind Control Delete’ is free for owners of the original game

SUPERHOT has been amongst the very best indie games of the last few years and the universe has grown more intriguing over time. After shipping the original game and its VR counterpart, the team began working on ‘Mind Control Delete', intended as a small free DLC. However, three years on, it has ballooned into a more ambitious, standalone game. 

SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete is a full-featured, standalone game in the SUPERHOT universe. It is said to be four times larger than the original, while expanding on gameplay with new skills, weapons, hacks and special techniques at your disposal.

The best part about all of this is that anyone who purchased or purchases the original SUPERHOT before the 16th of July will also get Mind Control Delete for free. If you miss out, it will be sold as a standalone purchase for $24.99.

To make it easier to get in on the action on launch day, SUPERHOT is going to be on sale on most platforms, so you'll have the opportunity to get the original game and the new sequel at a fairly cheap price.

KitGuru Says: SUPERHOT is one of my favourite games, so I'll be looking forward to this. Have many of you played this before? Will you be picking up the new game? 

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