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Tencent is taking control of the System Shock franchise

Just last month, OtherSide Entertainment proclaimed that it was ‘still here' but unfortunately, the studio could not provide an update on the status of System Shock 3. Now we know why, as the franchise has been handed over to Tencent instead. 

Rumblings of this began earlier this week, when internet sleuths discovered that Tencent was now the owner of the System Shock domain. The domain was previously owned by OtherSide director, Paul Neurath.

The System Shock IP has changed hands a few times in the last couple of years. Initially, Starbreeze was in control and funding development on System Shock 3, but the publisher underwent a financial crisis, so the domain was passed on to OtherSide Entertainment, the studio taking on the project.

Now, OtherSide Entertainment has explained that it has “been challenging” to carry the project on its own and that it believes “Tencent's deep capabilities and expertise as a leading game company will bring the franchise to new heights”.

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KitGuru Says: The good news here is that System Shock 3 will almost certainly get made, as Tencent has plenty of financial resources to ensure that. However, we are likely still a number of years away from seeing the game release, as presumably production will start over again. 

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