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The Dark Heart of Skyrim brings a year-long story arc to Elder Scrolls Online

2020 is set to be a particularly big year for The Elder Scrolls Online, with last year's expansion being followed up with ‘The Dark Heart of Skyrim', a year-long adventure split into four main chapters. The journey back to Skyrim starts off with the Harrowstorm dungeon pack and will then be followed up by the Greymoor chapter. 

Harrowstorm is kicking off within the next few weeks and will set players off to take on two dungeons, contending with a supernatural storm and exploring an unhallowed grave. During this journey, you will discover the big threat to Skyrim, leading directly in to the first big story chapter ‘Greymoor'.

While the Harrowstorm dungeons are going to be fun to play, the set up for Greymoor has already been revealed. Supernatural storms are hitting western Skyrim and a powerful vampire lord is leading a group of dark beasts in a series of attacks, collecting souls along the way as part of a larger plan to take over.

The Greymoor chapter adds the Western Skyrim zone for players to explore, a new main story quest that will carry on through the remaining ‘Dark Heart of Skyrim' updates, new world events, trials, dungeons and more.

The Greymoor update is coming to PC on the 18th of May and consoles on the 2nd of June. Then, another dungeon pack will be coming over the summer, which will set up the next major story chapter update in Q4 2020.

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KitGuru Says: I've been out of ESO for a while now but this year's updates sound excellent, so I may well jump back in. What do you all think of this year's update plans? 

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