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The first Epic Games Store exclusives are heading to Steam this week

It has been one year since the Epic Games Store first launched, complete with an exclusive games strategy to keep games off of Steam. Now, some of those first timed-exclusivity deals are starting to come to an end, with the first EGS exclusives heading to other platforms.

The Epic Games Store has had a number of big timed exclusives since its launch, some of which caused more controversy than others. Two of the first exclusives, ‘Hades' from Supergiant and ‘Ashen' from AA4 and Annapurna Interactive, are no longer under contract, with both games coming to Steam this week as well as other platforms.

Hades is an early access dungeon crawler, so the game isn't finished yet, although new players jumping on with the Steam release will benefit from a year's worth of content development and various fixes. Meanwhile, Ashen is a full release right out of the gate and launches on Steam with a 20% discount.

Ashen is also available on GOG starting this week. We don't know if Hades will also come to GOG alongside Steam but Supergiant's other games have come to the DRM-free store, so Hades will likely show up there eventually.

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KitGuru Says: These are some of the smaller EGS exclusives to date. I'm particularly interested in seeing how Metro Exodus does when that returns to Steam in February.

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