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The Knights of the Old Republic Remake is still in active development

There has been growing concern around the future of the Knights of the Old Republic for months now. The game was taken away from Aspyr some time ago and handed over to Embracer Group studio, Saber Interactive. Recently, it was claimed that the game might not ever come out, but Embracer has now confirmed the game is still in active development. 

Embracer Group has had a rough week, after the company's CEO had to admit to investors that they would not meet revenue forecasts, as a $2 billion deal recently fell through. After this, during the investor Q&A, Embracer was asked about the status of the KOTOR Remake, but the question was brushed off, with those on the call being told that there is ‘no update' at this time.

Shortly after as part of the company's earnings report, Embracer did list the Knights of the Old Republic Remake amongst its active-development projects, a list that also includes games like the next Tomb Raider, Warhammer 40,000: Spare Marine 2 and more.

The KOTOR Remake was initially in development at Aspyr, a company that has primarily worked on ports of various Star Wars titles, including both KOTOR games. After an internal review of the project, Aspyr was taken off the project for reasons not confirmed publicly. Now, the game is in development at Saber Interactive.

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KitGuru Says: KOTOR isn't an easy game to remake. The main story is a fan-favourite amongst Star Wars enthusiasts and in the pursuit of ‘cinematic' set pieces, the game could lose some of its classic RPG charm. From the sounds of it, the game was announced before a solid plan was put in place for development. With that in mind, it could be years before we see the game pop up again. 

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