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The Outer Worlds comes to Nintendo Switch in June

Obsidian put itself back in the spotlight last year with the successful release of The Outer Worlds. The game has been out on PC, Xbox One and PS4 for a while now but a Switch version is also on the way. It was originally slated to come out in March but since then, the game has been pushed back to June. 

The Outer Worlds will release on the Nintendo Switch on June 5th, a couple of months after it was originally scheduled. Below, you can see some early screenshots of the game running on Switch hardware, as posted by Nintendo.

Virtuos Games is handling the creation of the Nintendo Switch version, with Private Division publishing once again. As we can see from the screenshots, the game will be running on low settings and at a rather low resolution, meaning you likely don’t want to play this on a big screen TV. On the smaller handheld Switch screen though, those imperfections won’t jump out as much.

The retail version of The Outer Worlds on Switch will ship with a cartridge but you will still need to download a 6GB day-one patch that provides additional textures, fixes some gameplay issues and adds extra performance optimisation.

KitGuru Says: I'll likely be revisiting this game when it comes to Switch, mostly out of curiosity. Hopefully that DLC that Obsidian is working on isn't too far behind either. 

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