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The RTX 3090 has enough GPU memory to install and run Crysis 3

With 24GB of GDDR6X memory, the RTX 3090 has no shortage of VRAM. One proud owner of Nvidia's latest flagship put some of that memory to good use, turning it into a GPU RAM drive and installing Crysis 3 directly on the GPU memory. 

A user known online as Strife212 posted about the experiment on both Twitter and Reddit. As explained, by using software, they were able to make a 15GB NTFS partition on the RTX 3090's memory, then Crysis 3 was installed to that partition.

Running the game at 4K with very high graphics settings, the total VRAM used was 20GB. The game itself ran well too, garnering around 75 frames per second in the opening scenes of Crysis 3.

Strife212 explained a bit more on Reddit, saying that there was no real benefit to loading times compared to a speedy NVMe SSD. Ultimately, it was just amusing to install a game to GPU memory and get it successfully running.

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KitGuru Says: RAM Disks have been a thing for a long time now, but we rarely see someone partitioning off their GPU memory for storage. Have any of you ever tried an interesting experiment like this? 

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