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The Xbox Game Pass library was worth over $6000 in 2021

Xbox Game Pass is often referred to as the best deal in gaming and 2021 proved that, with a ton of major day-one releases from first-party, third-party and indie studios. If you've ever wondered how much the Xbox Game Pass library would be worth if you purchased all of those games, then we have an answer for you, with the grand total value coming in at over $6,000. 

This week, The Loadout calculated the total value of the Xbox Game Pass library, including games available across console and PC. According to the report, the 2021 Xbox Game Pass library was worth a grand total of $6,315.35, or roughly £4,800 here in the UK.

The total value was calculated through pricing on the Microsoft Store for each individual game. Every game that comes to Xbox Game Pass also gets released on Microsoft's store, and that applies to both PC and console releases for titles. The report dives a bit deeper, letting us know that games added to Game Pass in March had the highest total value, while April was the lowest month.

Unfortunately, we do not know how much Microsoft pays to license games for its service, but we do know that Game Pass had over 18 million subscribers as of January 2021.

KitGuru Says: Did any of you use Game Pass to play any games this year? Did you stay subscribed, or did you cancel your subscription after a while? 

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