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Today’s patch for The Division will kill the ‘loot cave’

The Division has been out for a couple of weeks now and at this point, plenty of people have hit max level and are checking out the end game content and grinding for ‘Phoenix Credits’ that allow you to pick up better gear and crafting blueprints. These credits are normally obtainable randomly in the Dark Zone or by completing challenge missions but a glitch was discovered last week that allowed players to kill one boss over and over again with a guaranteed Phoenix Credit drop each time.

This is similar to the Loot Cave situation we saw when Destiny first launched. However, a new patch for The Division will be going out today to fix this and tweak other parts of the game as well.


Ubisoft will be increasing the drop rate for better loot on named enemies while playing challenge mode missions, there was also a problem with healing strangers in the Dark Zone PvP area that has also been addressed. On top of that, Ubisoft is removing the Store button from the character selection screen on the PC version of the game, so you won’t feel like your being pestered to buy a season pass every time you log in.

The full patch notes are fairly detailed and you can find them, HERE. 

KitGuru Says: While the easy Phoenix Credits glitch is being fixed, Ubisoft is trying to increase the high-end loot drop rate in other areas to keep players interested. Are any of you still playing The Division? I completed the main story over the weekend and started exploring the Dark Zone, well until the servers began acting up. 


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