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Torbjorn is getting nerfed in Overwatch but not on PC

Blizzard has been paying close attention to feedback on Overwatch since its launch in order to prepare any balancing changes. However, given the different play styles between PC and console, sometimes changes need to be made on a platform by platform basis, which is why in July, Torbjorn will be getting some changes on the Xbox One and PS4 but not on PC.

The first balance patch for Overwatch addressed McCree and Widowmaker across all platforms but the next balance patch for consoles will reduce Torbjorn's turret damage by 30 percent. This was confirmed by the game's director, Jeff Kaplan.


In a Reddit thread pointing out how Torbjorn is negatively affecting the game on consoles, Kaplan stepped in to say that changes would be coming soon: “In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjörn's turret by 30% on Xbox One and PS4. PC will remain unchanged. ETA – Mid to late July depending on 1st party certification times.”

The main concern on Reddit appeared to be that there is less coordination and communication on the console version of Overwatch, meaning some matches boil down to multiple attempts to take down turrets as fast as possible and push before they rebuild. Hopefully the damage reduction will help change that.

KitGuru Says: Overwatch is quite a different experience on console and from the little I played on Xbox One, I noticed far less team coordination, which can make taking down turrets and making a meaningful push a bit trickier. Hopefully those on console will see some change after the next balance patch. Have any of you been playing Overwatch regularly? Are there any other heroes you think need some balancing? 

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