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Valve releases new Half-Life: Alyx gameplay footage

While Valve initially planned to show off official Half-Life: Alyx gameplay at The Game Awards all the way back in December, those plans were abruptly cancelled shortly before the event. Things were quiet for a while but just last month, Valve announced that Half-Life: Alyx would be releasing on the 23rd of March and now, we have three excellent gameplay videos to gawk at while we wait. 

Half-Life: Alyx is going to be Valve's showcase for what virtual reality is really capable of. In the first gameplay video, we get to see Alyx walking through subway trains, taking on zombies/headcrabs, removing wooden barricades from her path, how weapon upgrades are handled and even how healing stations work.

In video 2 we get to see part of City 17, with Alyx solving a puzzle to unlock a door, then dealing with Xen infestation and headcrabs before finding a lift to the upper levels.

The third and final video is all about combat, with Alyx in an epic shootout against the Combine. In this video you'll see how the Grav Gloves can be used to grab grenades and throw them back. You will also see some new Combine Soldier designs and even the return of Manhacks.

These gameplay videos are on the shorter side, but they give us a great look at what players will be capable of in Half-Life: Alyx. The gravity gloves make perfect sense as a replacement to the traditional gun, shooting looks great, object interactions seem great and we even get a look at both teleportation and smooth locomotion.

Meanwhile, the Valve Index is still out of stock…

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KitGuru Says: The gameplay looks excellent and while it is hard to judge VR graphics outside of a headset, the level of detail seems insanely good. Now we just need to wait a few weeks for release. Are many of you planning on grabbing Half-Life: Alyx when it launches this month? 

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