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Wildstar might land on Steam as F2P title

It looks like Wildstar might be heading to Steam as a free to play MMO, if a recent Steam Database update is anything to go by. If you have been following any of the MMOs that launched last year, then you are probably aware of Wildstar's troubles.

The subscription based game launched last year and was initially a bit of a hit with lots of players. However, the subscriber count quickly began dwindling and eventually, the studio was hit with layoffs and a big update was canned.


Considering the troubles Wildstar is facing, it wouldn't be surprising if the game did head to Steam and went free to play to draw in more players.

SteamDB caught the update, with Wildstar listed as “Free on Demand”, the same status given to other free to play titles on Steam. Wildstar is close to being one year old. In recent years, we have seen many MMO's start off as subscription based affairs only to move to a free to play business model later on. However, in a lot of cases, the switch has worked out for the best.

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KitGuru Says: I always liked the look of Wildstar with its bright and colourful aesthetic. However, subscription games are a tough sell these days. Did any of you guys play Wildstar when it released? Would you give it a shot if it went free to play? 

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