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Witcher patch 1.08 is now available

The Witcher: Wild Hunt is gearing up for its final planned free DLC next week, with the launch of patch 1.08. The latest 2.1GB patch, while not as massive as patch 1.07, brings some important changes and fixes a few things, including some specific quests, performance issues and an odd achievement bug that stopped PC players from getting their achievements.

The new patch is now available across all platforms. Details of the patch were actually announced last week, detailing a new potion in the game called ‘wolven hour’ which will allow players to reduce the level requirements on gear for an hour, allowing you to equip more powerful items.


The final DLC will presumably launch sometime next week, bringing New Game Plus mode. This will allow those who have already beat the game to take their levelled up Geralt back to the start of the story and play through a second time. A skill reset potion will be supplied so you can try a different character build and the game’s enemies will be a bit harder.

You can find the full patch notes from CD Projekt Red, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: At the rate the studio is going, I do wonder if CD Projekt Red ever plans to stop working on The Witcher 3. Even with all of the free content updates, we still have two expansions to look forward to, one of which should launch within the next few months. 

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