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Xaviant is taking down The Culling 2 and will revert back to the original game

Just a few days ago, we learned that Xaviant, the studio behind The Culling, was facing some difficult decisions following the launch of The Culling 2. We weren't sure exactly what would happen to the studio, but last night, a plan of action was officially put in place. The Culling 2 is going to be taken down and the studio will be reverting back to the original game in its day-one state.

Xaviant has received a lot of criticism over how it handled The Culling and its sequel. When The Culling first launched in March 2016, it was seen as a fresh take on Battle Royale thanks to its perk system and melee-focussed combat. However, over the game's time in early access, a lot of features were stripped back and players weren't happy with the changes. The Culling 2 doubled down on this, essentially launching as a typical H1Z1/PUBG clone.

Obviously, mistakes do happen from time to time. However, Xaviant is looking to make things right. In an update video, the studio's head, Josh Van Veld, explained the development plan going forward:

For starters, The Culling 2 is going to be wiped from PC, Xbox and PS4, essentially erasing it from the history books. Secondly, the studio is going to go back to working on The Culling 1. The game will be rolled back to its March 2016 build, which will go live on test servers soon.

From there, Xaviant will be paying more attention to what the community is asking for, and will be looking to turn The Culling into the game that fans wanted. The game will essentially be in early access all over again.

Anyone who did buy The Culling 2 will be able to get refunds, whether its on PS4, Xbox or PC.

KitGuru Says: Xaviant is making the right move here. The studio had a good thing going back in 2016, so it makes sense to revert back and really pay attention to what fans of the game were after. Do you guys think Xaviant is making a smart decision here? 

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