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Xbox and PC exclusive ‘Scorn’ to release in October 2022

When Microsoft first launched the Xbox Series X/S consoles, a few third-party console exclusives were announced. One of the more exciting exclusives was Scorn, which was due to become a day-one Xbox Game Pass title this year. Unfortunately, the game has since had a lengthy delay, and will now be coming out in late 2022.

While Scorn was initially planned to release before the end of this year, Ebb Software has now announced that it has been pushed back to 2022. A specific release date has not yet been given, but the studio is aiming to launch in October next year, just in time for the Halloween season.

Scorn was originally a Kickstarter project, with gamers crowdfunding €200,000 towards the game's development back in 2016. Currently, the project is said to be at “75 percent completion”, so the next year of development will be focused on getting final pieces of content in place and then the team will move on to testing and bug fixing.

When Scorn does release, it will come to PC and Xbox Series X/S. Assuming the deal isn't cancelled, it will be a day-one title for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

KitGuru Says: I've been looking forward to Scorn for a while now, particularly after its 2020 trailer. Hopefully this next year of development goes well and we can dive into this in October 2022. 

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