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Xbox Cloud Gaming gets Clarity Boost to improve stream quality

Microsoft has announced that it is partnering with itself to improve Xbox Cloud Gaming visuals. As part of the self-serving partnership, the Xbox Cloud Gaming team has partnered up with the folks behind the Microsoft Edge browser to roll out Clarity Boost, a new image improving technology. 

The goal with Clarity Boost is to sharpen up visuals when streaming Xbox games via the browser. This feature uses a set of client-side scaling improvements to boost stream quality, but the catch is you'll have to use Microsoft Edge Canary for the time being.

To activate Clarity Boost, you need to download Microsoft Edge Canary, and ensure you are on version 96.0.1033.0 or newer. From there, head to the Xbox Cloud Gaming website, start up a game, hit the stream options menu button and enable Clarity Boost. As you can see in the comparison image above, the feature makes subtle differences to enhance stream sharpness.

Microsoft Edge Canary is the the fast-moving alpha branch of the Edge browser, updated on a near daily basis with the latest features and optimisations for public testing. There is no word on when Clarity Boost will come to the stable branch of the browser, or if it will come to other browsers like Chrome.

KitGuru Says: While this isn't a game changing feature, it should be an appreciated one. Game streams can look a little blurry, particularly through the browser, so something like this helps make the stream look a little closer to native gameplay. 

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