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A new God of War announced for 2021

As the recent PlayStation 5 showcase came to its conclusion, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President Jim Ryan left fans with “one more quick look,” which turned out to be a teaser for the next God of War game. Though little was shown, and the existence of a sequel was inevitable, what was truly surprising was the fact that it is set to release next year in 2021.

The teaser trailer, which lasts just shy of 1-minute, has Kratos talking (possibly to his son Atreus, possibly to the viewers), saying “The time grows near. You must prepare yourself” as the God of War theme song plays in the background. All the while, a frosted version of the God of War logo is drawn, with Ragnarok written around it in runes. Finally the teaser ends with the statement “Ragnarok is coming,” followed by the release year of 2021.

While this all but confirms that the next God of War title will follow on from the conclusion of the 2018 reboot/sequel, Sony has only been willing to confirm so far that the game is tentatively known as “A new God of War title (Santa Monica Studio)” – though many have speculated that it will be called God of War: Ragnarok.

With how little was shown, it is surprising to see the sequel arriving so soon. That being said, the Creative Director for the 2018 reboot/sequel, Cory Barlog, previously claimed that the next title in the series would take less time to develop than 2018’s release (which took 5 years to make).

Hopefully this means that we won’t have too long to wait to see more from the next game in the God of War franchise. With it launching in 2021 though, it’ll be interesting to see whether the game will make its way to current gen systems.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for a new God of War? What do you think of the new direction the series has taken? What other mythologies would you like to see Kratos tackle? Let us know down below.

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