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A sequel to Ghost of Tsushima has seemingly been confirmed

Ghost of Tsushima surprised many when it released last year, becoming the PS4’s fastest selling original IP debut and selling over 5 million copies to date. Following this success, it was safe to assume that Sucker Punch Productions would work on a sequel, however this has yet to be confirmed. Though still not officially confirmed, a new LinkedIn post has heavily suggested that a sequel is on its way.

Dave Molloy, who serves as the Cinematic Creative Director at Sucker Punch recently updated his LinkedIn profile claiming that he is “Presently working on the Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5” (though this has since been altered slightly). Of course, Ghost of Tsushima was developed for the PS4 and so a PS5 game would suggest that Molloy is referring to a sequel.

This is further evidenced by the timing at which the profile was updated. While Ghost of Tsushima did not receive a major remaster for PS5, the game was updated to run at 60fps on Sony’s new console – with this most likely being the extent of the PS5 update. Molloy’s post meanwhile was updated after the PS5 patch went live, suggesting that this “Ghost of Tsushima game for Sony PS5” is unrelated to the update.

While this is the most concrete evidence so far of a Ghost of Tsushima sequel, back in October, Sucker Punch Productions were advertising job listings for a narrative writer with a “desire to write stories set in feudal Japan” – suggesting that the studio is not done with the Ghost of Tsushima just yet.

Of course, as Ghost of Tsushima is still less than a year old, it is highly likely that any news of a sequel is still years away. That being said, for those who would like to return to the Island of Tsushima, the chances appear to be quite likely.

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