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Custom PS5 faceplate website forced to shut down by Sony

Very quickly after the reveal that the upcoming PlayStation 5 would feature removable side plates, many fans began to produce mockups of ways in which the console could be customised through the creation of new side plates. One website took this a step further, creating a business around selling these plates. Unfortunately, Sony has now forced the website to shut down, begging the question as to why.

As reported by VGC, the website in question, PlateStation5.com, was first asked to rebrand itself, presumably due to the similarity between PlateStation and PlayStation. After complying with this request however, Sony claimed that the console manufacturer’s intellectual property “extended to the faceplates” themselves with legal action being threatened if they did not cease operations.

(Image Source: BossLogic / Twitter)

While it would appear as though Sony has a legal right to shut down down the business, it’ll be interesting to see whether the console manufacturer did so purely to project its IP, or whether they have greater plans in place.

With the initial launch of the PS4, the console featured a removable plate, which Sony later took advantage of by offering various colour options which fans could purchase to make their console that much more personal. Though no such thing has been announced yet, it is entirely possible that Sony may be planning to sell its own official custom side plates. Time will tell.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the PS5’s colour scheme? Would you like to see Sony sell custom plates? What colour would you purchase? Let us know down below.

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