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Dead Rising reboot reportedly in development

During the Xbox 360 era, one of the console’s more notable exclusives was the Dead Rising series. While the game’s sequels never managed to quite hit the same as the 2006 original, fans of the franchise continue to hope for a new entry at some point. Fortunately, it seems as though more Dead Rising is on its way – at least in the form of a reboot.

Industry insider Jez Corden responded to one Xbox user who claimed that their love for the platform came from the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising, to which Corden responded by claiming: “If you're a Dead Rising fan there might be something on the horizon for you too…”

When pushed for further details, Corden claimed that the game could be a multi platform release, or it might be console exclusive, saying “Not sure on platforms, just heard the franchise might be coming back.”

Perhaps the most interesting nuggets of information saw Corden claiming that this new entry will not be a Dead Rising 5, and will break away from the latter entries, saying “Heard its a reboot, capcom been on a solid keel lately.”

While Corden did stress the fact that these are merely rumours and should not be taken as gospel, it is exciting to hear that Dead Rising might be coming back – and that it will hopefully be more similar to the first game in the series. We will have to wait and see whether this ultimately pans out.

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