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Deviation Games’ first project reportedly cancelled

Deviation Games is a new studio formed back in 2021 consisting primarily of ex-Call of Duty developers. Having announced a partnership with PlayStation, the studio seems to have struggled to get its first project out the door, with its co-founder leaving and a number of layoffs taking place. Now, according to one insider, the studio’s in-development game has been cancelled.

This report comes from long-time industry pundit Colin Moriarty who on his PlayStation podcast ‘Sacred Symbols’ claimed that Deviation Games’ upcoming project has been cancelled. While no additional information was shared, Moriarty did claim that he was told of this news prior to the announcement of the lay-offs – suggesting they occurred as a consequence of the game’s cancellation.

For the uninitiated, Deviation Games is a new studio which announced in 2021 that they were partnering with PlayStation to create a new AAA IP. No official details were shared, but one leaker claimed that the game is intended to be a “world-class FPS that is planned to be supported for years, if not generations.”

Furthermore, Deviation Games opened a second studio just last year and so this latest news has come as quite a surprise. Following the exciting announcement of the studio’s founding, Deviation Games seems to have suffered from a number of setbacks – including the departure of the studio’s founder Jason Blundell. Hopefully this does not mark the end of a promising new studio.

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