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New details leak on Deviation Games’ PlayStation exclusive title

Sony has made it a point this current generation to partner with a number of smaller yet highly talented studios to work on a plethora of new and exclusive PlayStation IP. One such studio is Deviation Games, and while not much is known about their current project, a new leak has given fans their first few details.

Deviation Games is formed of ex-Call of duty Devs and led by Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, who both served as directors and producers for some of Call of Duty’s most popular titles during the franchise's peak.

Currently, Deviation Games have given no details whatsoever regarding their current project, though with the team’s history, many speculated that it would be a first-person shooter. Now, Oops Leaks has dropped a number of details regarding this highly-anticipated title. According to Oops Leaks, Deviation Games are working on a “world-class FPS that is planned to be supported for years, if not generations.”

The game is said to “receive many game modes, including heavily story-driven single-player campaigns and multiplayer aimed both for arcade modes and competitive ones”. It is interesting to see them saying ‘campaigns’, suggesting multiple single player experiencers. Aside from that, the game’s description sounds rather similar to a familiar franchise – Call of Duty – which does make sense given the studio’s lineage.

Finally, offering an insight into the actual development, Oops Leaks claimed that “The project is ambitious but is in the early stages of production so things could change a few more times. The first official information should be expected within a year, and the release of the game is currently scheduled for 2024.”

Respawn Entertainment was once an indie studio spawned by some ex-Call of Duty devs. Now, they have released a number of big budget FPS titles and are competing directly with Call of Duty in the form of Apex Legends. It is early days for Deviation Games, but the studio appears to certainly have the talent to compete with the big dogs. And with the backing of Sony, it will be interesting to see what Deviation Games has planned.

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