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Fortnite adds Among Us inspired game mode

While Among Us wasn’t the first game to introduce an imposter-based game of deduction, it certainly popularised it, with the indie title becoming one of the biggest games of 2020. Fortnite saw its success initially by taking inspiration from PUBG, and it looks like Epic Games is doing it once again, with Fortnite adding a new ‘Imposter’ game mode.

Though perhaps a little late to the party, Epic Games has now announced its brand new ‘Imposters’ mode “for a maximum of ten players: eight Agents maintaining The Bridge and two Impostors out to overtake it.”

It’s not hard to see where Fortnite has taken its inspiration from, with players “calibrating chests and llamas, repairing the Battle Bus, and delivering Storm reports for analysis,” all the while the imposters must “eliminate enough Agents to take control of The Bridge before being discovered.”

While the exact specifics may differ ever so slightly, there is no hiding the fact that this new mode is taking very heavy inspiration from Among Us – even down to the game mode’s name.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode came at a time when the team working on the – then third person tower defence title – took inspiration from one of the biggest games at the time PUBG, and added their own spin on the genre. With how big Epic Games and Fortnite are now, however, Epic Games’ actions may be perceived in a different light.

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