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New Paragon trailer breaks down gameplay in just one minute

Epic Games spent quite a long time teasing Paragon before its unveiling, showing us individual characters, detailing their abilities and highlighting how pretty they would look in-game. It’s been officially unveiled since then with some abilities and combat shown, but the actual gameplay wasn’t entirely clear to some, so Epic …

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Unreal Engine 4 can look stunningly real

While Benoît Dereau doesn’t need to impress anyone in the gaming industry, having worked on the beautifully realised Dishonoured and developed some custom campaigns for Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead, he has managed to wow a lot of people in the last 24 hours, by releasing one of the …

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Lost Ark is a beautiful isometric RPG

Epic Game’s Unreal Engine is most commonly used for first person experiences, which considering its pedigree as the muscle behind Unreal Tournament, is not too surprising. However when it’s leveraged to do something else, the effects can be quite stunning. Like Lost Ark, a game being developed by Smile Gate …

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