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Fortnite collaborates with Balenciaga for £1000 jacket

Fortnite has long been the game with the highest number of crossover franchises, brands and more. From Marvel to God of War to the NBA and more, the Battle Royle game has become a metaverse of cross promotions and marketing. This latest collaboration is perhaps the weirdest yet however, as you can now buy Fortnite branded Balenciaga clothing reaching as high as £1000.

Making the announcement, Epic Games revealed that starting now “Digital Fashion comes to life in Fortnite. See Ramirez, Doggo, and others express themselves in a whole new way with help from the Balenciaga Fit Set. Show the world your unexpected side with the Set’s apparel, free Sprays, the Strange Times Featured Hub, and a live Fortography campaign. Inspired by authentic archival looks from luxury fashion house Balenciaga.”

As part of this, a new hub world has been built in-game where “you can hang out with other fashionable friends, change your look with Changing Booths, and even pick up Balenciaga Fit Outfits straight from the Hub itself!”

While all of this may seem weird in and of itself, what is perhaps even wilder is the fact that this crossover goes both ways, with fans now being able to purchase real Fortnite x Balenciaga clothing, from t-shirts to caps and hoodies – with the most expensive item (a jacket) going for £975.

Fortnite has long been much more than a battle royale video game, but with this latest collaboration, it is now clear that the future of Fortnite is not a game, but the realisation of the self-entitled ‘metaverse.’

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