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Halo: Infinite will feature dynamic weather, wildlife, and more

As 343 Industries continues to tirelessly work on Halo: Infinite in an attempt to make it the game that fans hope it will be, the studio has been drip feeding new information on their progress, as well as new features in the game. 343i have now revealed that Halo: Infinite will feature dynamic weather, random encounters and much more.

As part of an “Ask343” video, the studio answered a many questions, revealing a whole lot more about the upcoming Halo: Infinite. Some of these new details include the fact that the game will have dynamic weather which includes a wind and fog system. Furthermore, post-launch the game may even get different types of storms too.

The game will also have a day/night cycle which will affect what enemies and patrols players will run into. While there will be random encounters, they will depend on what the player is actively doing (be it flying, walking, driving etc…). These encounters have been described as “engaging.”

There will be several biomes throughout the world, including the Pacific NorthWest; War torn areas (the Deadlands); Swampy wetlands; Hexagonal caves; Forerunner structures and Banished bases. Perhaps the most interesting detail is the fact players will be able to knock things off of the edge of Zeta Halo.

Though the initial gameplay reveal of Halo: Infinite underwhelmed many fans, these periodic updates appear to paint the game in a much more positive and exciting light. Hopefully the game will be able to live to these renewed expectations.

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