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Halo MCC to get plague doctor armour set and more

While the Halo Master Chief Collection initially served as a way to bring many of the biggest Halo titles to modern systems, allowing fans to experience these classic titles in a new way, the game has slowly evolved to include much more content than that which was seen with each game’s original release, with the latest update being the most out-there yet.

As announced on its website, the upcoming Season 8 of the Halo Master Chief Collection will bring with it many new armour sets for the multiplayer modes within Halo 3, with the helmets specifically also being usable within Halo Reach.

These armour sets are said to be “focused on reimagining the core Mjolnir armor as alternate universe amalgams based on legendary ancient warriors,” and will also “feature their own unique world-building, pulling the curtain back ever so slightly on reimagined mythos with elements you just might recognize.”

There are 18 different armour sets, each of which offers a distinct and unique look, all the while throwing back to many classic myths, legends, and real-world history. Those who wish for a more authentic Halo experience however will be able to toggle this armour on and off.

With Halo Infinite so close to release, it is interesting to see the Master Chief Collection continue to receive major updates. It will be interesting to see whether support changes following the release of Infinite later this year.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the armour sets? Which is your favourite? Would you like to see customisation such as this in Halo Infinite? Let us know down below.

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