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Knack might be coming back

Console mascots may not be as popular as they once were, but the creation of an iconic video game character associated with a specific system can help boost sales and cultural mindshare. Knack was Sony’s first PS4 mascot, and while reception to all of Knack’s games were lukewarm, the notion of a Knack 3 is not impossible.

Ahead of an expected upcoming PlayStation games showcase, as reported by Gematsu Sony has filed for a trademark on the name Knack in Japan. This trademark was only filed earlier this month, with publication going live today.

Trademarks often come with very little additional information (due to their nature) but does indicate interest in a specific property or IP. Knack 1 released alongside the PlayStation 4, showcasing the console’s ability to handle many more polygons and physics calculations than the PS3.

While impressive, gameplay, story, and the overall experience was less than perfect – leading to an ultimately disappointing consensus.

Knack returned in 2017 with improvements across the board. While reception was much higher than the first, it still fell below the typical critical expectations of Sony first-party games. With Knack’s lack of success, and Sony’s clear move towards using Astro Bot as a mascot, it is interesting to see that the console manufacturer hasn’t abandoned the IP.

With a PlayStation showcase imminent, an announcement could be on its way soon.

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