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LEGO Horizon Adventures will include ray-tracing, 60fps mode and more

One of the biggest surprises from the recent Summer Game Fest Showcase was the official announcement of LEGO Horizon Adventures, a retelling of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn which has been completely reimagined in the style of the LEGO Movie. The team have now shared additional details on the game’s tech, including the fact that Horizon Adventures will feature ray-tracing.

As reported by the publication Tweakers.net (and translated by ResetEra user Smitch), the team revealed some of the tech which has gone into making the upcoming title look as good as it does.

According to the report, LEGO Horizon Adventures runs on Unreal Engine 5 and as such will be utilising some form of ray-tracing. While specifics weren’t given in this regard, Guerrilla Games' narrative director James Windeler noted the visual similarities between Horizon Adventures and LEGO Builder’s Journey – a title which utilises RT shadows, ambient occlusion, global illumination and reflections.

Beyond this, the team also confirmed that the game will include two performance modes on PS5, a 30fps Fidelity option as well as 60fps Performance mode.

Finally, in an interview with Gamespot, James Windeler revealed that the upcoming co-op title will take between 7-8 hours to complete – though many more hours of fun can be had beyond this.

The trailer for LEGO Horizon Adventures showed off a visually stunning title which in many ways looks just as good as Horizon Forbidden West – despite being made out of LEGO blocks. Hopefully the gameplay is just as fun as the games it is based off of.

KitGuru says: What did you think of the announcement? Are you excited for the game? Will you play it in Performance or Fidelity mode? Let us know down below.

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