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Life is Strange has once again been delayed on Switch

The Life is Strange Remaster has had a seemingly troubled development, with the collection already being delayed from its original 2021 release to February 2022. Unfortunately, for Nintendo fans there has been another disappointing development.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Life is Strange account first discussed the positives, saying “The collection will still be hitting Google Stadia, PlayStation, Xbox and PC on February 1st as previously announced. We have a wealth of preview goodies for both titles planned before launch, starting with an extended look next Tuesday! (25th).”

Unfortunately, “we are sorry to share that the Nintendo Switch versions of the games have been a little set back and will need a bit more time until they are ready, so will be releasing later this year.”

The team concluded by addressing the fans, saying “We hope you understand, and look forward to playing them. Thank you for your patience and support.”

Of all mainstream platforms, the Nintendo Switch is without a doubt the hardest to develop multi-platform games for – simply due to the relative lack of power afforded to the handheld-console hybrid. Still, it is both encouraging and discouraging to see the team not commit to a concrete release date.

While it is better to give the game as much time as it needs while not feeding the audience arbitrary dates, the possibility that we may not see the game for 9 months or more is evidence of the Switch’s disparity. Hopefully the team is able to get the game running smoothly on the Switch as soon as possible.

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