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Master Chief is reportedly coming to Fortnite

Fresh on the heels of the announcement that Kratos from the PlayStation-exclusive God of War franchise has dropped into Fortnite, it would appear that one of Xbox’s biggest mascots will be joining him. Leaked screenshots have revealed that Master Chief from Halo will also be arriving in Fortnite, completing 2/3 of the video game console trifecta.

Yesterday we reported that Kratos would be coming to Fortnite as a skin at some point in the near future, thanks to a number of leaks, including from the PlayStation Store itself. This was later officially confirmed, with the God of War himself currently purchasable in-game. At the time, we posited the idea that perhaps other famous video game mascots such as Master Chief would be added as well. It would now appear as though that will indeed be the case.

In a – now deleted – Tweet, which was archived and shared by ResetEra user ‘Raigor’, a number of screenshots from Fortnite showcasing Master Chief’s inclusion were leaked. Though low resolution, the images are clear enough to see that the accompanying glider will be the UNSC Pelican, with the Gravity Hammer replacing the pickaxe weapon used for collecting materials.

The cost of purchasing these items appears to only be a single V-Buck, which is curious. While the Kratos skin is not locked to PlayStation, meaning anyone can purchase it, PlayStation 5 owners will receive an alternate skin for free – assuming they purchased the original. It’ll be interesting to see whether a similar scenario applies to Master Chief.

With both PlayStation and Xbox seeing representation in Fortnite, it seems only a matter of time before a Nintendo character is revealed.

KitGuru says: Are you excited to see these characters added? What Nintendo character would you like to see join the roster? When do you think they will be officially revealed? Let us know down below.

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