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Microsoft shares upcoming Xbox Showcase details

With one week until the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, many fans are beginning to wonder and speculate on what could be shown at the upcoming event. We have had some teases from Microsoft in the past, but the console manufacturer has now answered many of the fans’ most pertinent questions – including the fact that they will not be repeating last year’s mistakes.

Ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase – set to go live on the 11th of June – Xbox’s VP of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to answer many fans’ lingering questions.

In discussing the company’s overuse of CGI trailers in the past, Greenberg confirmed that “None of our first party games in the show are full CG trailers. Everything is either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics. Each of our trailers will be labeled so it is hopefully clear for our fans.”

Last year Microsoft tried something new with its showcase, promising that every game showcased would be released sometime within the next 12 months. This ultimately did not pan out, with a majority of the games seeing significant delays. As such, Greenberg confirmed that this year’s showcase will feature no such limitation – meaning all sorts of titles could theoretically be announced.

The final major bit of news shared by Greenberg is the fact that the “double feature” showcase will be roughly 2 hours long – twice that of the PlayStation Showcase. That said, Xbox has historically taken more time to feature devs talking during its showcases, and so it will be interesting to see how this upcoming Xbox Games event is presented. We don’t have long to wait in order to find out.

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