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Nintendo announces newly designed Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch

Due to the nature of the Nintendo Switch and the ability for the console-handheld hybrid to swap out its joy-cons for other colours and designs, Nintendo has released far fewer limited edition Switch consoles when compared to its previous handhelds. This appears to be finally changing, as the console manufacturer has announced a Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch which features some significant cosmetic changes.

In honouring the ever-popular Nintendo mascot, the Mario Edition Switch has been coloured entirely in red, including the console as well this time (in a similar vein to the Switch Lite). Furthermore, the Switch dock itself is also the same vibrant red as the console. For contrast, the joycon grip is coloured the same blue as that of Mario’s overalls, making for an interesting look when the joy-cons are attached.

The Joy-cons’ wrist straps have also been customised with a red-white and blue striped pattern, and yellow accents to finish it off. Finally, the console comes with a case for the Switch, which like the rest of the package, is coloured red and blue, with some yellow accents (and a clear screen protector).

The Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch will launch on the 12th of February and will cost £279.99, the exact same RRP of the original Switch. Though this special edition console doesn’t change any of the internals, its striking design may be enough to entice some fans of Nintendo’s famous Italian plumber.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the console? Do you like the design? What other special editions should they make? Let us know down below.

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