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Nintendo may be getting ready to announce new a Kirby game

While most Nintendo fans have been occupied in 2021 with the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise, 2022 represents the 30th anniversary for Kirby. While very little acknowledgement has been made by Nintendo regarding the upcoming event, it seems that the console manufacturer may soon be announcing their plans to celebrate the character’s anniversary.

As discovered by Reddit user ‘u/hinata2000100’ the official Kirby website was recently updated, replacing all of the site’s previous information with placeholder text. While it is possible that this is all simply a mistake on the part of Nintendo, fans have suggested that this may actually be Nintendo preparing the website for a number of new announcements.

That being said, While Nintendo has celebrated the major milestones for the Kirby franchise (roughly every 5 years), unlike SEGA, the console manufacturer is often late to the party, with official anniversary events not taking place until well into the year itself.

The company recently celebrated the 35th anniversary for Mario back in 2020, though they waited until September of that year to do so. Similarly, 2021 represents the 35th anniversary for The Legend of Zelda, with Nintendo not fully acknowledging this until June.

As such, the over preparation regarding Kirby’s upcoming anniversary is interesting to see – if that does end up being the case of course. We will have to wait and see.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the website? Was this merely a mistake? What do you want to see for Kirby’s anniversary? Let us know down below.

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