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People will “lose their minds” at new PlayStation game claims God of War creator

While God of War creator David Jaffee has not been associated with PlayStation for many years now, the game director continues to follow the industry closely. According to Jaffe, PlayStation is currently working on a new game so “bad ass” that fans will “lose their minds” when it is revealed.

David Jaffe, whose most recent game was 2017’s less-than-stellar Drawn to Death,  semi-retired from the game developing world, though still continues to closely follow the industry. Being the creator of God of War, it makes sense that Jaffe would still have contacts within the industry. It seems one of these contacts shared some inside information, as he took to Twitter to say:

“here's useless tweet but if I don't say something I will explode!!! just found out about a new playstation game they are making-no ideaa (sic) when it get unveiled (maybe next week, maybe not) But just know when it does, people are gonna lose their fucking minds! Bad ass!!!”

Jaffe is of course referring to the upcoming PS5 games showcase, which is set to take place this Thursday. Unfortunately, Jaffe’s statement is too vague to allow for any speculation or educated guesses, but regardless, it is encouraging to see that PlayStation appears to be working on something big.

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KitGuru says: What do you think Jaffe is referring to? Would you like it to be a new IP? Will you watch the PS5 games showcase? Let us know down below.

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