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PlatinumGames doesn’t want to be labelled as “the action game company”

Since its founding in 2007, PlatinumGames has amassed a dedicated audience thanks in part to the studio’s focus on tight, responsive and flashy action games. That being said, the studio wants to be known for much more than simply this, with founder Hideki Kamiya saying “we don't want to be labelled as the action game company.”

In a recent interview with VGC, which covered all manner of topics, from live service titles to NFTs and blockchain, Hideki Kamiya was asked “Should fans of your past games be concerned that you're about to drastically shift focus?” alluding to the studio’s desire to make live service titles in order to allow “people to be able to enjoy our games for longer.”

In response, Kamiya claimed that “I think in terms of the expectations of fans in relation to linear action games like NieR and Bayonetta, we understand that we do get some respect for the action games that we've created, and we're always happy to hear that. But we don't want to be labelled as ‘the action game company', we want to be labelled as a company that is interested in original, fun gameplay.”

He then discussed the company’s upcoming free-form docking and shooting game, Sol Cresta, saying “Something like Sol Cresta isn't this black sheep, where it's totally different… it still feels like part of the family because at the end of the day, we feel that it's an original, fun thing that we wanted to do. I hope that with the things that we do in the future that philosophy will become more apparent to our fans.”

PlatinumGames has been known for its action titles. Perhaps a better way to think about the company now however, is their focus on fun and exciting gameplay. The full interview can be found HERE.

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