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PlatinumGames’ next title gets release date announcement stream

There was once a time when things such as video game release dates were simply shared with the world. Over time however, the video games industry has focused on amping up the excitement, and so now, PlatinumGames has announced a stream in which they will announce the release date for their next game.

Making the pre-announcement on Twitter, PlatinumGames said “We've kept you waiting, but our previously postponed SOL CRESTA Release Date Forum stream is ready to launch! Join us on Saturday, January 22nd from 7PM PST/10PM EST [the 23rd at 3am UK time]. The day of decision is upon us! Viewer giveaways too! DON'T MISS IT!”

For the uninitiated, Sol Cresta is a sequel to Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta – two games which were released all the way back in 1980 and 1985 respectively. Sol Cresta is a free-form docking and shooting game “in which you pilot the cutting-edge docking fighter Yamato and initiate Operation: Sol Cresta to take back the solar system from the evil Mega Zohar army.”

Serving as an official sequel to the 1980s arcade shooters, PlatinumGames has a lot to live up to. The studio is not unfamiliar with such gameplay however, as the genre-bending NieR: Automata features vertically scrolling shooter sections.

If Sol Cresta feels as good as those moments in Automata did, then fans can expect a lot from the upcoming game. Speaking of upcoming, despite the game’s original announcement on the 1st of April 2021, Sol Cresta is real, and in just a few short days, we will know exactly when the game will launch. More details on Sol Cresta can be found HERE and HERE.

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