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PlayStation is “Evolving the Shape” of its first-party portfolio

Coming off of the success of the PlayStation 4 Sony have been riding high with the PS5. That said, the console manufacturer appears to be evolving its strategy for this generation, claiming that it wants to cover every single gaming genre with its first-party portfolio of games.

As part of Sony’s most recent fiscal earnings report, the console manufacturer spoke on its intentions to evolve the shape of its first-party portfolio. According to Sony, the way they plan to do this is by ensuring that the company has at least two or more major releases each year.

Additionally, the console manufacturer intends to cover every major genre with its first-party portfolio (the genres being: Shooter, Racing, RPG, Platformer, Action, and Sports).

Unsurprisingly, part of the plan includes releasing a mix of single-player games and live service titles – something we will likely see highlighted at today’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase.

As of right now, Sony’s investments in new IP vs existing properties is split at a ratio of 40/60. By 2025 however Sony is hoping to shift the ratio to 50/50, putting a much greater emphasis on new IPs.

It is interesting to see the route that Sony is taking this generation. Whether this strategy ultimately pays off or not, we have yet to see. That said, the PlayStation Showcase taking place later today should serve as a good example of PlayStation’s new strategy. We will have to wait and see whether this new approach ultimately pans out.

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