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Pokémon presentation announced for franchise anniversary

Pokémon Legends Arceus launched back in January to a refreshingly positive response from both critics and fans alike. With Arceus now out however, Pokémon’s most exciting game releases have all launched. Fortunately, hot on its heels is an upcoming Pokémon Presents, set to bring with it many announcements.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement, the official Japanese Pokémon account said “From 23:00 [2pm UK time] on February 27 (Sun), ‘Pokémon Presents’ will be premiered on the official Pokémon YouTube channel! We will deliver the latest information in about 14 minutes of video.”

For the uninitiated, Pokémon Day is an annual event celebrating the Pokémon franchise’s anniversary, with 2022 marking Red and Blue’s 26th years. What we will see in the form of announcements is unknown. As mentioned however, the Pokémon franchise is currently in-between announcements, and so anything is possible.

Fans immediately let their desires be known following the announcement, with some asking for Arceus DLC, others wishing for news on Detective Pikachu 2 – and some confident fans hoping to get a look at Pokémon Gen 9. Whatever is announced at the event, hopefully it is exciting and only furthers the goodwill built up by Arceus.

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