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PS Plus for May includes two free PS5 titles

Each month, Sony offers a number of games for free to all those with a Base PlayStation Plus subscription. May’s games have now leaked, revealing that 2 of the 3 games offer bespoke PS5 versions.

Dealabs have consistently leaked the PlayStation Plus titles for months now, and they are back with May’s list of free games:

  • FIFA 22 (PS4/5)
  • Tribes of Midgard (PS4/5)
  • Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4)

It is interesting to see that there are no PS5-exclusive titles for the month of May, though of course, two of the three games are PS5 enhanced. FIFA 22 is the latest game in the annual football franchise. The end of the month will bring with it the start of the game’s 6th season, meaning that the PS Plus release is rather timely.

Tribes of Midgard is a co-op focused survival tower defense roguelite in which you must “form a tribe with up to 10 players to defend your village from the relentless onslaught of deadly spirits and gigantic brutes hel-bent on bringing on the end of the world.”

The final game being offered is Curse of the Dead Gods, a “skill-based roguelike exploring a cruel, dark temple made of endless rooms and corridors. Swords, spears, bows, guns – wield these and many more.”

Though nothing is official until confirmed by PlayStation themselves, Dealabs have been consistent in their PS Plus line-up leaks, and so it is safe to assume that this will indeed be your PS Plus line-up for the month of May.

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