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Silent Hill 2 Remake is “close to finished”

After going a literal decade without any new Silent Hill games, last year saw Konami finally unveil a bunch of projects in the works. One of the most exciting was undoubtedly the remake of the classic Silent Hill 2. In development by horror aficionados Bloober Team, the remake is said to be “close to finished.”

In a recent interview conducted by Polish publication Bankier.pl (and translated by ResetEra user ‘Angie’), Bloober Team co-founder and CEO Piotr Babieno, spoke on the current status of the much-anticipated Silent Hill 2 remake, stating that:

“Silent Hill 2 is technically ready. It does not mean that the game is finished, but we are close. However, the issue of the release schedule lies with our partners, what the promotion will look like and when the title will debut is not directly in our hands.”

Babieno also discussed the team’s change in direction with regards to how their games are presented, saying “The new strategy is an evolution, not a revolution from the Bloober 2.0 strategy. We are slowly moving away from environmental storytelling in favor of games that will be based on mechanics recognizable to a wide consumer.”

As mentioned, many of Bloober Team’s games have focused primarily on environmental storytelling, with their earlier titles in particular offering relatively little in the way of gameplay. This has been changing more with each new release, and so it is encouraging to see that the team will be sticking close to the original Silent Hill 2’s game-feel.

What’s more, considering the fact that the remake was only announced back in October of last year, it is exciting to see that the game is already nearing completion.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for Silent Hill 2? How do you think it will compare to the original? What is your favourite Bloober Team game? Let us know down below.

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