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Sonic Prime teaser trailer released

A Netflix Original Sonic the Hedgehog TV show was announced back in early 2021, with little seen from the show since. Finally, ahead of the series’ debut later this year in December, a teaser trailer has been released, giving us our best look at the show yet.

Alongside the caption “He'll shatter your world. Sonic Prime is coming to Netflix Winter 2022!” SEGA released the first teaser trailer for Sonic Prime. Though rather concise in length, the teaser does give us some insight into the show, with the trailer focusing on an intense fight between Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. Big the Cat and Dr. Eggman do make brief appearances in the trailer, though the focus remained primarily on Sonic and Shadow,

It is exciting to get our first proper look at the show, especially as it is only the second Sonic series to be CGI, with the previous one, Sonic Boom, being well regarded – but certainly not for its animation quality.

In contrast, Sonic Prime looks to be both crisp and elastic, giving characters a sense of speed and impact, which is encouraging especially as Sonic Prime will be more serious in tone when compared to Boom.

The teaser is just that – a teaser – and so we will have to wait for the first real trailer to release in order to fully know what to expect. Still, what little we have seen so far looks good. Hopefully Sonic Prime manages to deliver on its promises.

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