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Sony has subtly improved the DualSense controller

The DualSense controller is an impressive piece of kit, with the console hardware being pushed beyond expectations thanks to a number of PC programs. Interestingly, Sony has actually made the controller slightly better in a number of ways, hopefully leading to a longer lifespan as well as an enhanced overall experience.

The DualSense controller by Sony offers a plethora of features which add small (or sometimes not so small) improvements to the overall controller-using experience. From haptics accurate enough to be used as sound to gyro controls to the touchpad, the DualSense has many superfluous but fun hardware features.

One of the biggest features as advertised by Sony was the ability for the R2 and L2 Triggers to offer adaptive  and dynamic resistance. While an interesting feature, its application has been somewhat underutilised in most games. Even so, Sony is continuing to improve the triggers in small but meaningful ways.

As discovered in a teardown by TronicsFix, the new coloured DualSense controllers – namely the blue, pink and purple ones – feature thicker trigger springs, going from 0.25mm to 0.3mm. While seemingly a small change, this should not only allow for more degrees of resistance, but should also make the controller more durable in the long term.

Additionally, the analogue sticks have seen some internal changes – though its purpose is yet unknown. It’s safe to assume that all the other coloured controllers will see this improvement over time, but if you do have one of the new controllers, it's worth seeing if you can notice a difference.

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