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Sony is greatly expanding its China Hero Project and will publish Lost Soul Aside

Due to a whole host of reasons China as a market has been underutilised by console manufacturers, with most games not making it into the country – and few titles being exported. Sony’s China Hero Project was developed in order to help boost Chinese-made titles, with PlayStation now announcing its plans to greatly expand the program.

As reported by Reuters, Sony is expanding on its China Hero Project program, with the console manufacturer investing more than 1 million yuan (£117,700) into each new game inducted into the program.

Furthermore, the variety in investment will increase, with Sony now approaching both small and larger developers alike. Speaking on this, Bao Bo, Sony's director of China game production, said “The scale of the third season will far exceed the previous two.”

Sony will further support these China Hero Projects by choosing to publish some of them, with two of the program’s standout tiles – Lost Soul Aside and Convallaria – being the first to be announced.

With there being more than 8 billion people on Earth, the sheer amount of creativity available worldwide is nearly unquantifiable. As such, it is encouraging to see Sony reaching out to different markets – as ultimately, everyone wins.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for Lost Soul Aside? What do you think of the China Hero Project? Should Sony expand the program to more nations? Let us know down below.

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