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Tetris Effect: Connected is coming to the Switch

Tetris Effect: Connect is the enhanced version of the 2018 puzzle game, produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez and Lumines fame. The original game proved to be a critical darling, crafting an emotional ride through the use of music and visuals. Tetris Effect: Connected adds new modes, including multiplayer, and will now be coming to the Switch.

Announced during the most recent Nintendo Indie World showcase, Tetris Effect: Connected is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch on the 8th of October, with the console manufacturer saying “Experience Tetris like you’ve never seen, heard, or felt before in the innovative Tetris Effect: Connected by @enhance_exp. Play solo and take on your friends in online or local multiplayer!”

Tetris Effect first launched in November 2018 exclusively for PS4. The game then came to Windows (via the Epic Games Store) the following year. Mid 2020 saw the release of the game on the Oculus Quest, before coming to the Xbox as a Series X|S launch title. This Xbox version however was the new and improved Tetris Effect: Connected, which brought with it multiplayer.

Tetris Effect: Connected will soon be coming to Steam as well as PlayStation on the 18th of August, bringing feature parity to all platforms. Finally, the Nintendo Switch – which is yet to have any version of the game – will get Tetris Effect: Connected on the 8th of October, meaning that wherever you play, you will be able to experience the reinvention of one of the most well known video games of all time.

KitGuru says: Have you played Tetris Effect? Is Tetris a solo or multiplayer game in your eyes? What’s your favourite level in the game? Let us know down below.

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